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APA is a TDLR Provider (#1521), AIA/CES Provider (#G583), ICC Preferred Provider (#1321) and provides selected courses which apply toward ACTCP certification, APA also awards an APA-ADA Specialist Designation and Accessibility Standards completion certificate, when all criteria are met.

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Note from the APA President - Vision 2025

Jack McClellan

This past year has been one of continued efforts on the part of our President, Board, and Committee Members to move APA from a leadership position in ADA training in Texas to a leadership position throughout the nation. Our last two APA presidents have laid the groundwork through discussions with other accessibility organizations. Numerous members have stepped up to participate in education initiatives and the creation of new tests for additional specialist designations. Many others have accepted rolls in helping with the day-to-day operations of APA.

This year, we hope to accelerate the growth of APA as the lead educational organization teaching and testing relative to the ADA Standards. Additionally, new initiatives will offer us an opportunity to fund our efforts toward offering a true nationwide certification of accessibility professionals.

There was a time when just a few recognized the potential value of a such an organization for Registered Accessibility Specialists in Texas. Those Charter Members have seen the old TRASA organization morph into the Accessibility Professionals Association under the leadership of many dedicated and unselfish volunteers.

It is my hope that this year will be the break-out year for APA to plan for a future of growth and development beyond the imagination of those early Charter Members. APA should be the most recognized organization for accessibility training. We should become the hub for accessibility resources. We should establish firm long-term relationships with other accessibility organizations that concentrate on complimentary areas of interest. With planned growth and new initiatives, we can ultimately provide low or no fee membership opportunities. To this end, we will plan goals for 2025, and we will develop strategies to reach those goals.   

At this critical juncture, members this year will have the opportunity to be a “Second Wave” of Charter Members. As we continue to draw members from across the nation, we need the support of both the established membership and those new to APA. I have seen how the involvement of those beyond our state have enriched the quality of programs and inspired all of us to expand our horizons.

All of us who work in this industry have a right to take pride in the positive effect we have had in changing the built environment to serve not only disabled individuals, but also the elderly, caretakers, and children. I urge you to take a role in the “Second Wave” of Charter Members. The rewards of active participation in this endeavor are far greater than the time invested. Knowledge is Power, and APA can make YOU a more powerful player in the world of accessibility.

Jack McClellan, 2018 APA President

APA would like to thank the 2018 Annual Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors!

Find an Accessibility Professional

Looking for a licensed individual with ADA expertise to review your plans, provide an inspection or consult on a project? APA members provide these services. To find an expert in your area or someone who works nationwide simply click on our “Membership Directory” tab in the left blue column of this website. You can search by city or by skill level. (be sure and scroll down the page once you hit the search button).

Utilize our member’s professional skills in the built environment. It’s much less expensive to construct a facility right the first time, verses pay for costly corrections in the future.

Accessibility Professionals Association (APA)

You’re Invited! Join us today to take advantage of the many membership benefits available. APA is an association of professionals focusing on accessibility in the built environment. We are a dynamic and diverse organization open to all professionals interested in understanding and maintaining accessibility in the United States and around the globe. We are the premier provider of Continuing Education (CEU) in accessibility standards and regulations. See more About Us !

JBMS Poster

APA Jim Boyce Memorial Scholarship Becomes National Scholarship

Following in the transition footsteps of TRASA to APA, we have officially expanded the JBMS Scholarship from being limited only to Texas residents to now being a nationwide scholarship!  We have changed the scholarship Guidelines and are getting listed on several scholarship databases so deserving students are aware of our scholarship. The 2018 application is out now. See our Jim Boyce Scholarship page for the latest news!