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Continuing Education Members/guests meet the CE/LU requirements of numerous organizations by attending APA Training. APA is a registered provider with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR, #PVD312), Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR, #1521), American Institute of Architects (AIA/CES, #G583) and a preferred provider for the International Code Council (ICC, #1321). APA provides pre-verified ACTCP credits for the ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP). We award an Accessibility Standards Completion Certificate, as well as APA-ADA Specialist, APA-ADA Assembly Specialist and APA-ADA Transient Lodging Specialist Designations, when all criteria are met.

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APA National Conference January 29-31 now open for registration:
2020 APA Annual National Conference January 29 and APA Specialist Track (s) Option. - 1/29/2020

Why Hire an Accessibility Professional?

Complying with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and state-specific building accessibility codes and requirements can be a complex and challenging process. An APA professional can help you smoothly navigate through every phase of your new or remodel project to achieve accessibility and avoid any costly headaches arising from noncompliance. Whether it’s a public building or privately owned structure leased or occupied by government agencies, a place of public accommodation, or a commercial facility, an APA member can help with accessibility planning and compliance. 

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Be an Exhibitor or Sponsor: APA Conference & Expo January 29-31, 2020
When you attend the APA Annual Meeting as a exhibitor, you get exclusive face-to-face time with approximately 200 Accessibility Specialists and related professionals – those who regularly consult and collaborate with architects, builders, and others who help maintain accessibility in the built environment.  The Annual Meeting not only provides you with a unique, in-person environment to discuss and promote your products and services, it offers a cost-effective way to raise your company’s profile through strategic name placement and public recognition. The 2020 Conference schedule Draft Conference Agenda and cost- 10-17-19

Exhibitor and Sponsor guidelines for the January 29 - 31, 2020 APA Annual Conference & Expo are available now.
VENDORS - 2020 APA Annual Conference - Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration/Payment - 1/28/2020

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APA is a group of Professionals dedicated to accessibility in all aspects of the physical experience in the built environment for persons with disabilities. APA offers related education on a regular basis during the year which is open to members, as well as the public. Attend in person or via webinar (webinars not available for APA National Conference

Save the Date!  January 29 - 31, 2020 APA National Conference & Expo - see Event Calendar and Annual Meeting tab for registration and details

*Continuing Education - APA is an approved provider with the American Institute of Architects (AIA/CES, #G583), Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR, Provider# 0007855 / license# PVD312 ), Texas Department of Licensing  and Regulation (TDLR, #1521) and a preferred provider for the International Code Council (ICC, #1321). APA provides pre-verified ACTCP credits for the ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP). We provide courses of study and award an Accessibility Standards Basics completion, as well as Designations for APA-ADA Specialist, APA-ADA Assembly Specialist and APA-ADA Transient Lodging Specialist, when all criteria are met. Members/guests can meet the CE/LU requirements of numerous organizations by attending APA Training, and verifying with which organizations a course has been registered.

Why Join APA? - One Member's Voice

My name is Charles Watt and I have been a member of the Accessibility Professionals Association for only one year. Unlike the majority of APA members I am not a RAS or an architect, nor do I reside in Texas. I am the ADA Coordinator for the Oklahoma Dept. of Rehabilitation Services, a vocational rehabilitation agency whose purpose is to assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, find, and maintain employment opportunities. So why did I join the APA and how have I found it helpful to me in my duties as an ADA Coordinator?

The Dept. of Justice regulations implementing the ADA state "A public entity that employs 50 or more persons shall designate at least one employee to coordinate its efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities" under the ADA. This designated employee must also conduct an "investigation of any complaint communicated ... alleging its noncompliance" with the ADA. This person is most commonly referred to as an ADA Coordinator but other job titles are also used.

It is fairly easy to see, from the "job description" given by the DOJ, why an ADA Coordinator must be knowledgeable about as many aspects of the ADA as is possible. Certainly, complaints might arise due to the inaccessibility of the built environment but the necessity of being able to proactively alert an organization to existing accessibility barriers is also essential.

The education I have received as a result of attending regional trainings and the APA Annual Conference have been invaluable to me as I try to determine whether or not various elements in a building or building site are in compliance with the ADA Standards. In addition, the opportunity to create a network of knowledgeable peers and to ask questions in the online Member's Forum is also extremely helpful.

The ability to proudly display the APA logo and to receive various specialty designations like ADA Specialist, Transient Lodging Specialist, etc. gives an imprimatur of professionalism and expertise available nowhere else.

I wholeheartedly recommend membership in the Accessibility Professionals Association to all my fellow ADA Coordinators. I've met people who I know can and will help me if I need it and have received the finest training and education on the intricacies of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design which is available.

By Charles Watt, ADA Coordinator and APA Member 

Member Spotlight

Kim Hooker

A graduate of the University of Michigan School of Architecture & Planning, and the University of New Mexico School of Architecture & Planning, Kim is currently an Architect with Parkhill, Smith and Cooper (PSC) working out of the Amarillo office. Kim worked with Studio Southwest Architects, Albuquerque, NM for 16 years, with the last 10 years as Partner. She relocated to Amarillo, TX to be near her family.

The RAS designation has provided an opportunity to explore design that welcomes everyone and to participate in numerous projects. Kim produces work in REVIT and is exploring resource-saving design ideas.

Recent projects include Facility Accessibility Assessment for Frank Philips College, Renovation of Marshall Hall - NM Military Institute (Roswell), Outdoor Rooftop Exhibit at Explora (Albuquerque), and Renovation of Connor Hall, New Mexico School for the Deaf (Santa Fe).

Kim is currently serving as Executive Board of AIA Amarillo, in the position of Secretary.

She has been a volunteer in Architecture + Children, teaching design education. She has worked pro-bono on congregation facility committees to provide modifications to improve access.

Kim has three grown children. She and her husband enjoy bike riding, hiking and photography.

Registered Architect, State of NM & TX
LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)
Certified Document Specialist (CDT)
Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS), State of TX

Notice to all APA Members!

When you go into the Membership Directory you will notice a whole new search tool! This is an exciting new Member Benefit for you.  This tool allows you and anyone wishing to Hire an Accessibility Professional to search many new fields.

BUT - you must update your Member Profile to provide an accurate picture of your services.  Go to the arrow beside your logged in name in the upper right hand corner of the APA webpage and click on "Profile".  Look for the heading marked "Website", click on" Interests", and check all the items that apply to your services.  Then do a few sample searches in the Membership Directory and see if your Profile comes up as you expect it would. 

Additionally, you will see we have a new Member Spotlight feature on the home page. Members will be randomly selected, however, in order to be selected you need to have a photo in you Profile and have an approximately 200 word Biography in your Profile.