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Why Hire an APA Accessibility Professional?

Complying with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS), and other building accessibility codes and requirements can be a complex and challenging process. A registered accessibility specialist (RAS) or other APA professional can help you smoothly navigate through every phase of your project to achieve accessibility and avoid any costly headaches arising from noncompliance.

Whether it’s a public building or privately owned structure leased or occupied by government agencies, a place of public accommodation, or a commercial facility, an APA member can help with accessibility planning and compliance. 

Search our Find a Professional page for a specific firm or by putting your state or locale into the "service area" field.
These APA specialists are qualified to help throughout the U.S. with: 

Plan reviewing to verify that your plans are designed to be in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and/or local accessibility codes before construction begins
Site inspections to verify that your facility meets all applicable accessibility requirements after the completion of construction

Some APA members can help in other areas, including:

Building and site assessments to identify any items or areas of non-compliance in existing structures
Accessibility seminars to educate and answer questions on accessibility standards, and provide insight into issues facing those within the building and construction industries
Consulting in the development of strategies for on-going proactive architectural barrier removal and protection against lawsuits, minimizing owner liability
Design services provided at any point in the design or construction process to assist in the preparation of accessibility solutions for drawings, details, and specifications
Expert testimony including dispute resolution strategies for mediation and arbitration

*APA makes no representation or warranty as to services provided by its members/specialists/professionals, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions of such members/specialists/professionals in the performance of services offered by such members/specialists/professionals. APA does not give legal advice and the opinions offered in training presentations are those of the author and not APA itself.