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Chapter members
Breanne Alsobrook
Elaine Andersen
Bonnie Anderson
Jennifer Angle
Bill Arsenault
Jimmy Bell
James Berg
Rachael Block
Celia Boyle
Stacey Brewer
Tessla Brewer
Robert Buck
Carmen Byers
Nubia Carino
Fred Cawyer
Lori Chandler
Natalie Crawford
Corey Credeur
Douglas Darr
Teresa Darr
Konny Deffner
Tony DiNicola
Tom Ellis
Larry Fleming
Valeriana Flores
Alexander Friedrich
Ruth Garcia
Julie Gereda
John Glaze
Paul Glenn
Kimberly Goss
Robert Green
Peter Grojean
Monica Guajardo
J. Rick Guerrero
Jeff Gutknecht
Richard Haight
Jessica Hamm
Monica Harris
Samuel Hero
Kim Hooker
William Ince
Amanda Jaffke
Sharlynn Keys
Richard Klepper
Andrea LaCour
Jesus Lardizabal
Sonnie Lovince
Richard Lozano
Stephen MacPhie
Elizabeth Mak
William Manthei
Leslie Marrero
Brian Massey
Jack McClellan
Mark McComas
Asa Meyer
Stephen Meyer
John Montalvo
Mark Morley
Frank Morris
Anne Mullins
Martin Mullins
Jeromy Murphy
Reb Payne
Robert Pierce Jr
Linda Porras-Pirtle
Carroll Pruitt
Walter Qualls
Lynn Ramsey
Holly Respondek
Sindy Reyes
Kathy Riley
Robin Roberts
Robert Rocca
Weston Rodberry
Robert Ronson
Emily Rozypal
Clinton Ryan
Mario Salas
Jose Samano
Anthony Saunders
Chris Schexnayder
Connie Scott
Meghan Simecek
Darrell Smith
Ramakanth Soudari
Randy Stow
D Clark Teel
Alison Thompson
John Torkelson
Donald Tullier
Sandra Vaccari
Randy Wallace Jr
Peter Walper
Kate Waters
Martha Weiss
James Wick
David Wietbrock
Desmond Wilder
Thomas Wilkins
Kara-Lee Wilson
Dan Woosley

Join the Texas Chapter of APA for continuing education and high quality, in depth, and interactive training seminars. The chapter trainings cover a variety of topics on accessibility, based upon expressed interests from our local building officials, design professionals, contractors, owners, and developers. 

The Texas Chapter is your way to get involved with topics that are specific to your area and network with professionals in your region.


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To make the Texas Chapter your Home Chapter at no extra charge, contact Frances Ellington at

Check out the latest news for accessibility professionals in Texas.

News and updates

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Presentations from TDLR (PDFs)

Past chapter events
Informal presentation from Marsha Godeaux, TDLR
Tuesday, October 3, at 10:00 CT via Zoom
Presentation PDFs posted above

Informal organizational meeting

Thursday, October 5, at 10:00 CT via Zoom

Why join the Texas Chapter?

Chapter membership gets you these membership benefits, with more to come:

  • Network with others in your region
  • Connect with others during virtual or in-person meet-ups every quarter 
  • Explore internships and mentorships through chapter outreach
  • Discuss accessibility issues pertinent to the state
  • Exchange ideas with other accessibility professionals 
  • Discuss codes and regulations unique to your region
  • Make your voice heard on legislative issues
  • Learn about the latest from the legislature
  • Offer a unified voice for the industry to the legislature
  • Earn Continuing Education credit through in-person trainings close to you
  • Drive to trainings instead of fly
  • Enjoy reduced fees for Continuing Education trainings
  • Use your chapter membership to get discounted rates on trainings and conferences

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Texas Chapter Board

Stacey Brewer


El Buey PLLC

Austin, TX


Meghan Simecek

Meghan Simecek


Texas Accessibility Group

Friendswood, TX


Mark Morley

Mark Morley


AE Support Group

San Antonio, TX


Rachael Block

Rachael Block


Deming Designs

San Marcos, TX


Stephen MacPhie

Stephen MacPhie

Board Member at Large

Cornerstone Accessibility LLC

Lubbock, TX



John Torkelson

APA Board Liaison

theACCESSpartnership, l.p. 

Austin, TX


Camille North

Camille North

APA Staff

Austin, TX


Committee documents

Click here to see the Board minutes and bylaws.

Continuing Education

Participants meet the CE/LU requirements of numerous organizations by attending APA Training. APA is an approved CE/LU provider for AIA/CES Provider (#G583), ICC Preferred Provider (#1321), and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR, #PVD312). APA also provides preverified ACTCP credits on noted courses and has previously awarded an APA-ADA Specialist Designation, an APA-ADA Assembly Area Designation, and an Accessibility Standards completion certificate. APA partners with APAC (Accessibility Professionals Association Certification Program) to provide CE credits. Members/guests can meet the CE/LU requirements of numerous organizations, including the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), by attending APA Training and verifying with organizations when a course has been registered.

Our members

The Accessibility Professionals Association members are experts on complying with the Americans with Disability Act and codes within various states. We also assist in educating our members in other related accessibility codes, such as the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and other building accessibility Codes and Standards, enabling them to guide their clients towards compliance, which can be a complex and challenging process. 

Our professional members are licensed by various agencies and have a broad knowledge of the laws, codes, and standards that promote accessibility in the built environment. Whether dealing with a public building or privately owned structure, a facility leased or occupied by government agencies, a place of public accommodation, or a commercial facility for individuals with disabilities, our APA members are engaged in a wide range of accessibility consulting, including assisting building owners, architects, contractors, building officials, and consumers in assuring an accessible built environment.

How APA members can partner with business and government

  • Plan reviews to verify your plans are designed complying with applicable federal, state, and/or local accessibility codes before construction begins.
  • Site inspections to verify your facility meets applicable accessibility requirements during and after the completion of construction.
  • Building and site assessments to identify items or areas of non-compliance in existing structures.
  • Accessibility seminars to educate and answer questions on accessibility standards, and provide insight into issues facing those within the building and construction industries.
  • Consultation in the development of strategies for ongoing proactive architectural barrier removal, thereby minimizing owner’s liability.
  • Design services provided at any point in the design or construction process to assist in the preparation of accessibility solutions for drawings, details, and specifications.
  • Expert testimony including dispute resolution for mediation and arbitration.
  • Governmental policy
  • Serve as a resource in establishing policy.
  • Provide a “review team” to address constituent concerns regarding state and federal laws related to disability.
  • Disseminate necessary information regarding disability-related policies and laws through our emails and/or mailings to appropriate representatives of the business community as well as the disability community.

APA mission

  • Support membership needs and organizational growth
  • Enhance professional development 
  • Actively promote the services provided by our members 
  • Hold our members to a high standard of professionalism and ethics 
  • Facilitate consistency in the application of accessibility regulations 
  • Present a unified voice in our industry
  • Actively participate in the development, interpretation, and adoption of accessibility regulations
  • Promote the value of certified accessibility specialists and consultants